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Home Insurance


A package policy for dwelling and contents risks combining fire and allied line coverage with comprehensive personal liability and theft insurance for homeowners and tenants. This policy carries an indivisible premium in that the premium is not separately stated or broken down for the various hazards insured against. There are different homeowners forms, varying in extent of coverage and cost from the broad cause of loss policy (HO2), to the special cause of loss policy (HO3), to the renter’s policy (HO6).

Scheduled Personal Property

An endorsement to a homeowners policy allowing the insured to schedule both the coverage and the value on specific items such as jewelry, guns, coins, collectibles, etc.

Umbrella / Excess Liability

A form of liability insurance protecting policyholders for claims in excess of the limits of their primary automobile, general liability and workers compensation policies, and for some (few) claims excluded by their primary policies which are subject to a deductible, which may range from $250 for a personal umbrella to a minimum of $10,000 for a commercial umbrella.


Coverage against damage done by the rising or overflowing of bodies of water.


Insurance against damage by earthquakes and earth movement.